Tpndh engineering unit as the heart of the company, in addition to monitoring production processes responsible for the design and construction drawings equipment and spare parts in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industry development. coordination within the organization and its projects are monitored and controlled.

R & D unit

Per unit of R & D, research and development as the fundamental special on special projects need oil, gas and petrochemical ongoing and important projects are as follows:

Major ongoing projects include:
1. Turbine Compressor Rotors:
In general, Compressors for petrochemical plants are driven by steam turbines which convert steam energy to rotational energy by means of rotor blades. Unlike the turbines used for power generation, which turn at a constant speed, these turbines can be operated at variable speeds.The rotor consits of the shaft, wheels and blades, depending on parameters such as Blade tip velocity and operating temprature these rotors are classified in one the basic Categories: Solid rotors, Build-up rotors, Combination solid and built-up rotors and Welded Rotors.
2. Design Pressure Safety Valve (PSV):
Considered as one of the most sensitive parts in Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industries, they part has a key role in protecting pressure vessels. To obtain a high level of reliability, manufacturing PSVs require special technologies.
3. Our Company is working to manufacture key parts of the Urea Granulation unit. This type of production line is widely used in Urea and Ammonia Petrochemical Companies.
4. Diaphragm Coupling
These couplings have relatively low weight and act as mechanical switches in the power transmission systems utilized in equipment such as Turbines. These parts are made of special alloys. High-tech welding processes and equipment are required as part of their manufacturing process..