Reverse Engineering Process at Parto Sanat Paj Begins with 3D Optical measurement of parts at our Optic unit. Using Rexcan 4(5MP) System, which is one of the most advanced optical metrology systems, we’re able to capture 3D Point Clouds consisting of more than 5 millions of points with every shot off the part’s surface without any size or material limits.High accuracy of the system (less than 5 microns) and its capability of Interacting with major mechanical design and Reverse Engineering applications such as Catia, RapidForm and Solidworks, has led to the growing demand and use of the system in the industry.

Certificates REXCAN 4 (5MP)

REXCAN 4 system uses optic and laser sources simultaneouslycoupled with high resolution CCD cameras and other Exclusive setups which makes it a unique equipment tailored to high precision industries. The system is fully portable and maneuverable. It can easily be utilized on the field in such places as petrochemical sites, Refineries and oil platforms to conduct on the site measurement and Reverse Engineering.