Spare parts for Granulator

Rotating components (high speed fans with large dimensions) and Perforated Plate
Rotating components (high speed fans with large dimensions)
The air required equipment suppliers Granulator unit experienced Bashd.mhndsyn urea companies managed to make light of the whole industry key equipment (C-8504) are. This equipment totaled 3.5m long and 1.5m in diameter and rotational speed of 3000rpm in circulation and Dubai 100000m3 / h provides. These factors cause the balance of this piece is of utmost importance. The equipment in the country accredited laboratory balance is reached see the customer’s approval. The equipment made Aymplrhay High-strength steels, low alloy (HSLA) is.

Perforated Plate

Despite the seemingly simple geometry, mass production of the piece there is subtle. Due to the technical complexity, no domestic company has not been able to produce. This piece as the main platform, similar to air conveyors (Air Conveyor) is. The company, after making more than 10 models of multi-step production equipment, the desired result, and the country has no need to import this product.