PSV(Pressure Safety Valve) is the most critical equipment that protects vessels from overpressure. PSV’s operational characteristics are directly related to its internal components design. In most cases the valve opens with a distinct pop action at its designed set pressure, and rapidly reach its fully opened position afterwards. Excess pressure inside the vessel is relieved by releasing the contained fluid to the atmosphere or back into bleed line. In steam generation systems, PSVs are used to protect boilers from overpressure.

Our line of PSVs includes Convensional
direct acting spring loaded, Metal to Metal seat Safety valves designed according to the following Standards. API 520, API 521, API 526 and API 527
Metal-to-metal,Extremely hard and polished seats provide long life, Corrosion and Wear resistance and extremely low leakage, as well as compatibility with a wide range of fluids.